Visionary Arts Academy Opens

Best of Humanity: Visionary Arts Academy

Visionary Arts Academy Live Grand Opening Event

Visionary Arts Academy Opens Oct 2016October 25, 2016 marked the official opening of the Visionary Arts Academy – the first global online arts academy.

The academy offers courses to improve and enhance skills in traditional art techniques and creative techniques. Taught by visionary artists and utilizing the best in technology to reach students, arts courses offered are affordable and meant to be pursued at the students’ own pace.

With live sessions and interviews with arts teachers, an active community, and a spiritual basis, courses in the Visionary Arts Academy support creative freedom and expression.

Charting a New Course in Creativity

Overcoming fear of creativity, creative obstacles, and uniting with your own vision, while learning new techniques are just a few of the benefits of becoming a student in the Academy. Courses range from Sacred Geometry to Perspective and Oil Painting.

In contrast to institutionalized art programs’ high cost and rigid class schedules, the Visionary Arts Academy presents an inspiring alternative in making practical skills and creative processes accessible.

Membership is now open for new students and arts teachers at the Visionary Arts Academy.