Traveling Fast or Traveling Far

Values-driven entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey without a community of like-minded people equally committed to both business and values. Small Giants founder and CEO Paul Spiegelman recognized this firsthand and decided to do something about it.

Small Giants was established around the idea that many businesses already embraced six core qualities and needed only a community of other business leaders on the same path to take their endeavors to the next level.

The six qualities a Small Giant possesses are

  • Powerful purpose inspired by strong values
  • Servant leadership
  • Culture of intimacy that puts employees first
  • Financial approach that refuses to compromise values
  • Meaningful relationships with customers and all stakeholders
  • Roots in community

Community Based on the Importance of Values

Small Giants offers members local meet-ups and groups, online community and resources, annual summits, and a full three-year training program called the Small Giants Journey to meet values-based organizations where they are and challenge them to be their best.
Best of Humanity: Small Giants Values-Driven Community

Small Giants members define themselves as caring about more than just the bottom line or growing as fast as possible without caring how they get there. Coming together and collaborating with others driven by a similar purpose inspires them to share this vision with their teams, accomplishing more than they otherwise would along their paths while keeping ethics at the forefront.

Not to be Missed

Small Giants Annual Summit – this year dubbed Reinvent and hosted in Detroit – made Forbes’ list of the 7 ‘Can’t Miss’ Conferences for Entrepreneurs in 2017. Space is limited and early bird registration runs until February.