Taking the Risk to Begin Anew

At the age of 50, Dr. Tom Hill left a career in public education that had spanned 26 years. The former professor and administrator at the University of Missouri left his lifelong career in education to embark on a personal challenge fraught with risk: pursuing an entrepreneurial career in real estate.

The odds were daunting. “After starting I was told that about 90% of those who tried to sell franchises fail and those that succeed sell about one per quarter…” Tom said.

How Did He Do It?

tom-hillWith no outside training available in franchising, he developed his own personal sales model based on brain wiring and self-esteem. He surpassed real estate franchise sales records, building a company in less than a decade that did over $3 billion in sales.

Tom credits his success to timing, identifying a promising product, strong work ethic, and development of his unique sales model. His model is based on Understanding Human Behavior, brain wiring, and self-concept.

Current Work

One of Tom’s passions is to make a major and positive difference in as many lives as possible. He accomplishes this through his professional speaking engagements, executive coaching and seminars.

This family man, marathon runner, mountain climber, airplane pilot and skydiver now spends his time writing and speaking to give back what he learned in becoming who he is today.

Tom co-founded the Tom Hill Institute, an online program that provides necessary tools and resources for anyone who wants to Design an Exceptional Life. Streamlined into a single platform, the program has enrolled thousands of people in all 50 states and 10 countries.

Tom shares his model for success throughout his body of work, finding beauty in its wide applicability to all facets of life. Not limited to sales successes, Tom’s model can be applied for success in relationships, leadership and more.

He authored Living at the Summit and co-authored its companion workbook Life Plan. He also co-authored Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul. His latest project is Blessed Beyond MeasureRead Tom’s story and learn more about his work