Strategic, Yet Fun

CoCreative offers a surprisingly amusing description of their work, “We help people who don’t know each other, and often don’t even like each other, solve complex problems together.”

That their values include being cheeky may provide some insight into their approach, but the stakes at hand are no laughing matter: facilitating organizations to work together across sectors to find sustainable solutions to complex challenges.

Old Problems, New Approach

ForbesBet of Humanity: CoCreative Collaboration acknowledged the importance of this shifting approach in a 2016 interview with CoCreative partner and Managing Director Russ Gaskin, “In the past, collaboration among competitors was strictly regimented and orchestrated, and attorneys scrutinized any potential engagement. Now, companies realize that in order to find solutions to their biggest challenges, they need to engage dynamically with a complete set of stakeholders—including their competitors…”

Solving Complex Problems

CoCreative’s description of their defining beliefs could well be the mantra for 2017: “We believe that the toughest problems we face in our communities, countries, and the world can only truly be solved when people come together across their differences and create the solutions together.”

Acting as consultants, trainers, coaches and speakers, CoCreative focuses primarily on solutions in
Economic Development
• Health & Healthcare
• Education & Youth
• Agriculture & Food Systems
• Sustainable Supply Chains
• Community Revitalization
• Affordable Housing

Best of Humanity: CoCreative Collaborative LeadersCoCreative offers valuable white papers and resources, and has provided beneficial insights to an impressive list of clients.

Their Introduction to Innovation Networks provides a closer look at the relationship of ideas in their methods.
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