Art: In Heaven by Robert Venosa

Giving Context to Visionary Artists

Started and led by a council of visionary artists and supporters of visionary arts, the Visionary Arts Foundation educates the public about visionary arts, promotes and supports the work of visionary artists, and introduces and distributes art to new markets internationally. The Foundation offers both professionalism and a unifying context to a diverse group of individual artists.

freedom-by-brooke-annWhat Defines Visionary Arts?

Art: Freedom by Brooke Ann

The Visionary Arts Foundation represents the visionary arts community, providing a platform for an open discussion among artists to determine what defines visionary arts and inviting new artists into the community.
The Foundation explains the significance of visionary arts as “the cartography that maps the culture and consciousness of the ages.” Reflecting the processes of great cycles of change, transformation, and self-awareness to a world redefining and redesigning itself provides essential guidance to its inhabitants.

Visionary Arts Foundation Mission and Projects

The Foundation’s mission is “to serve the shared intention and vision of its artist constituents, and empower them to create and share their artwork on a larger scale.” The Visionary Arts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations from philanthropic supporters of the visionary arts to this organization are tax-deductible. With the help of supporters, the Foundation can purchase art from visionary artists, provide grants to artists, students and apprentices, as well as fund essential projects for the development and distribution of visionary arts around the world.

One of the Visionary Arts Foundation’s projects is the Visionary Arts Academy, a global online arts academy based on affordability, inspiration and art skills education.