Pandoo Nation and The Pandoo Foundation

The Pandoo Foundation is a non-profit organization with a direct link to Pandoo Nation, an exhilarating online virtual game world for kids designed to help them learn valuable skills and take tangible actions to help in the real world.

The Pandoo Foundation funds development programs to support financial inclusion through micro lending, education, and improved health & sanitation where it’s needed most. All of these outreach effort projects are linked to kids playing Pandoo Nation.

After successfully completing online game world missions based on executing plans and helping in situations of need modeled after real world challenges, kids have the opportunity to help fund a real world cause they believe in. The tactile experience of helping others in the developing world is accomplished through real world connections.

Updates, pictures and stories of progress are real and result from the micro loan iniated by the player. Thanks to the Pandoo Foundation, every virtual mission kids undertake can change lives in the real world.