The Interspirituality and Ecospirituality Website

The website that calls itself, “The Interspirituality and Ecospirituality Website,” From Self-Care to Earth-Care is a collaborative effort by

The website, initiatives and events are dedicated to transformative messages in interspirituality, ecospirituality, sustainability, and creative pursuits driving world change.

The groups’ collective goal in coming together is to present the most outstanding voices in these fields. Resources they share include roundtable discussions, interviews and conferences. They created the Convergence Series with 1GOD aired on VoiceAmerica radio.

These forward thinkers include:


The most translated writer of consciousness studies in the United States. He is recognized for his work in transpersonal psychology, which focuses on spirituality. He has been called “the Einstein of consciousness research.” His work has sought to integrate Western and Eastern psychology. He’s addressed developmental psychology and cultural history. He has criticized  Western culture and counter-cultural movements such as the New Age as lacking the depth of the “perennial philosophy” that lies at the heart of all major religions. One of his most widely read books is A Brief History of Everything.


Evolutionary Biologist and SUNY Distinguished Professor of Biology and Anthropology at Binghamton University in New York. Evolutionary theory is applied to all aspects of life and humanity in his research. He also embraces this approach as President of Evolution Institute and Director of EvoS, an evolutionary studies program that received NSF funding to expand into a nationwide consortium. He is Editor In Chief of This View of Life and his many books include Darwin’s Cathedral: Evolution, Religion, and the Nature of Society


Executive Director of Dancing Rabbit and member of the Board of Directors of the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Dancing Rabbit’s Ecovillage is a sustainable living demonstration in Missouri. Ma’ikwe’s work for over two decades has been in sustainability education, ecovillage development and cooperative social dynamics. Her work integrates ecological, economic, social, political and personal approaches and technologies for a holistic view of what comprises real sustainability. Ma’ikwe is a regular writer for Communities Magazine and authored Passion as Big as a Planet: Evolving Eco-Activism in America. She is a dynamic speaker and TEDx presenter.


Acknowledged worldwide as one of the architects of the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Initiative. Dr. Clugston directs the sustainable development programs of Forum 21. He is co-editor of Spiritual Values, Ethics and the New UN Development Agenda. He is Co-director of the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future. He formerly directed Earth Charter USA and the Center for Respect of Life and Environment focusing on ethics, spiritual values and sustainable development.


Co-author of award-wining The Coming Interspiritual Age, a pilot book within the Interspiritual Movement. Kurt has 40 years of spirituality/science co-working, associated both with the American Museum of Natural History and the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. He is known for his books Nabokov’s Blues and Fine Lines on the relationship of science and the arts. A close associate of interfaith pioneer Br. Wayne Teasdale, Kurt is one of the leaders of the emerging global Interspiritual Movement and participates widely in international panels and committee, particulary at the United Nations.


Christian contemplative and leader in the national Guild for Spiritual Guidance. He is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Community Action (CCA) in rural N.C. where for 35 years he has served sustainability, poverty reduction, and social justice. Rev. Legerton received the Distinguished Service to Rural Life Award of the Rural Sociological Society for his work in social justice and sustainability in rural Robeson County, N.C. He is an ordained minister in the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ and co-ordained as an Eco-Minister. He servines as National Coordinator of the Eco-Ministries Initiative of the Order of Universal Interfaith and Eco-Ministries Coordinator with the Interspiritual Network and the Forum 21 Institute.


Nature Conservancy’s Marine Climate Scientist for the Asia Pacific region and Science Lead for the Conservancy’s Global Marine Team’s Reef Resilience Network. She was instrumental in developing an online toolkit and curriculum for coral reef managers, training over 75 countries on best practices for addressing threats to coral reefs. She has spent over a decade researching and developing strategies to reduce climate change impacts on tropical marine ecosystems. She has published extensively on climate change and conservation in tropical systems. She launched an initiative to broaden engagement with faith groups to address our most pressing global challenges, building evidence that protecting and restoring land and water globally enriches lives and protects biodiversity.

Best of Humanity: Thought Leaders


Trainer in the Kundalini Research Institute Aquarian Trainer Academy. She collaborates in teacher training programs in her local community in Boulder, Colorado. With decades of dedication to a yogic lifestyle, she teaches group classes, private lessons, international retreats, and themed weekend intensives. Founder of the website, Karuna strives to share the treasured teachings of Yogi Bhajan. She brings together world-renowned Kundalini Yoga teachers, artists and musicians to share insights and gifts through concerts, workshops and special events. She travels internationally sharing in lifestyle and wellbeing programs associated with the global Happiness Initiative, the Forum 21 Institute, and the emerging Interspiritual Movement.


Founder of Blue Water Entertainment, Inc., an independent production company creating environmentally conscious entertainment. Known as Hollywood’s “Green Producer,” Greg produced the 2008 Sundance Audience Award-Winning feature documentary Fuel. He wrote, produced, and directed feature documentary Hollywood’s Magical Island – Catalina. He received a Masters Certificate in Creative Producing from The Jewish Federation Masters Program as well as from UCLA in writing, directing, marketing and distribution. He is an alumnus and member of the Hollywood Film Institute, the International Documentary Association, and an active member in the (DGA) Directors Guild of America.


Program Development Manager of the Pachamama Alliance. Ruel directs the development of the curriculum and program content of the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium of the Pachamama Alliance and its training programs. Ruel is a practitioner of Shambhala meditation, combining this practice with shamanic and indigenous spirituality and psychology. Ruel is a practicing attorney specializing in handling cases before state and federal courts of appeal, and a licensed psychotherapist. Pachamama Alliance is a global community that integrates indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal and collective transformation to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.


Mirabai Starr writes, speaks and leads retreats on the interspiritual teachings of the mystics. Known for her revolutionary translations of John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, and Julian of Norwich, Mirabai renders mystical masterpieces accessible, beautiful, and relevant to a contemporary circle of seekers. Her commentaries on the interconnected wisdom of all traditions are lyrical and evocative. Mirabai builds bridges not only between religious traditions, but between contemplative life and compassionate service, between cultivating an inner relationship with the Beloved and expressing that intimacy in community, between the transformational power of loss and longing for the sacred.


Executive Director of The Forum 21 Institute. Forum 21 works on all levels of society with a specific interest in three areas:

(1) Promoting sustainable development and uniting NGO’s of the United Nations to support the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals and their implementation by nations

(2) Promoting eco-spirituality, eco-ministry, and eco-justice and supporting eco-ministry as an authentic and necessary form of service within the faith, interfaith, and interspiritual communities

(3) Sponsoring education and training programs on the local, regional, state, national, and international level that deepen and broaden constituencies to foster sustainable practices and leverage sustainability policies at all levels

Ken is an ordained minister in Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development, and USA representative of, an NGO that advocates for gender equality and sustainability. He serves on the Board of “What Shape is Green?” and is an adviser to the Happiness Alliance promoting the Gross National Happiness (GNH) Program.


Woody Vaspra is President & Elder Liaison of the World Council of Elders and a co-founder of the International Sundance. He is a Hawaiian Kupuna (Elder), Lakota Ceremonial Leader, Sundance Chief, retired Air Force pilot, Vietnam veteran and former corporate director for several companies, Woody co-founded World Council of Elders, a 501(c)(3) educational organization in 2000. Woody has traveled across the globe meeting with indigenous Elders of many native cultures in fulfillment of the vision of creating a worldwide organization of traditional indigenous wisdom-keepers ready to share their Earth-honoring traditions toward love, peace and harmony for all peoples.


Director of Eco-Ministry, Forum 21; event coordinator, The Interspiritual Network; co-editor, The Eco-Activist Newsletter; editor, “Steering Toward the Omega Point: Roundtables 2, 3 and 4: Discussions of Altruism, Evolution, and Spirituality;” and curator, Self-Care to Earth-Care.  Also, he was the Director of a medium sized publishing company in NYC. He’s taught Meditation, Intuitive Development and Hermetic and Perennial Wisdom teachings for 30 years. The primary focus of his work is to help people experience the still, small voice within or as he prefers to call it “The Embrace.” He is the author of six books on Meditation and Intuition and three Meditation CDs.