Image by Louie Schwartzberg

Cinematographer Shares More than Meets the Eye

Louie Schwartzberg was a pioneer in time-lapse photography, using his medium to bring sights of astonishing beauty to audiences that would otherwise remain unseen. The minutia, the vast, and the process of growth are all made visible before our eyes under the lens of his camera.

He’s known to be the only the filmmaker in the world who has continuously filmed time-lapse images 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for over thirty consecutive years. His other contributions include the very notion of stock footage. A library of his footage was acquired by Getty Images in the late nineties.

Where Thousands of Words Would Fall Short

Louie shares powerful ideas with the world and his short video works of art speak for themselves. Here, in just nine minutes, he presents with breathtaking imagery insights on patience, perseverance, stillness, love, Spirit, the senses, and gratitude.

A viral sensation, the film reached tens of millions of viewers. While we’ve reached the point culturally in feeling we haven’t a moment to spare, this leaves one with the feeling of time well spent and then some – as does his whole body of work.

Inspiring Projects

Cinematographer Louie SchwartzbergLouie’s work has included films for the UN Climate Change Summits, a meditative blooming app for iOS, and major feature length documentaries produced in partnership with National Geographic and the National Science Foundation among others.

One of his projects is an interactive journey called Gratitude Revealed that begins by selecting among themes like Happiness, Curiosity, Patience or Connection that open into stunning visual meditations. These delightful short films fill the senses with joy and encourage slowing down and connecting with the beauty of our world in the present moment.

Louie is also actively working toward a movement of visual healing integrated into spas, healthcare and hospitality settings. He is a leader in the Global Wellness Mindfulness Initiative, leveraging technology, mindfulness and love of nature in the future of wellness.