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Art and works of great creativity inspire us, challenge and expand our perceptions, and awe us with imagination and skill. Visionary Arts generally embrace and depict themes of a spiritual nature, mysticism, magical realism and transcendence.


It is said the genre may have been influenced by those of Surrealism, Fantastic Realism, Psychedelic Art and Interdimensional Art. Though individual styles are as numerous as the artists at work, Alex Grey and Susan Seddon Boulet are examples of well known creators of Visionary Art.


These artists lead us toward an emergent vision of where we could possibly be in future years. We see new cities, new visions for beautifying the spaces in which we live, new creatures we might not have imagined ourselves. They paint for us a possible new future paradigm.


There are always new artists to be discovered, and we present for your inspiration the Best of Humanity in Visionary Art.



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