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We often think of children when we think of education. Indeed, each child has a right to learn to their heart's content with access to tools and learning materials that inspire their interests.


In truth, none of us ever stop learning. When we are truly engaged in life, we are filled with an unmistakable sense of curiosity. A commitment to personal development is almost always a matter of being passionate about life-long learning.


We share here the work of those teaching new skills, offering new platforms and materials by which to learn, and providing educational opportunities to youth, elders and corporate leaders. We all have more to learn from the Best of Humanity in Education.



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Incredible New Era coming for Education System Platforms

Superluminal Systems has developed an online social education platform and LMS, designed to build learning communities around specific skills and knowledge focused on improving our world. This platform is now available for organizations to build and offer their own customized online learning environments.


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