Our Story

Who We Are:

Universal Mission is a working ecosystem of solutionaries, researchers, thought leaders, businesses, organizations, and technologies from around the world that have been aligning over the last 2 years to participate in the creation of a new ‘global operating system’. We’ve spent most of our lives bringing together effective solutions to help humanity, and feel that at this point, rather than creating new organizations to try to help the planet, the world needs groups to join together into ecosystems to effectively create impact.


Right now, our planet is experiencing immense changes. Major economic, political, technological and industrial systems are shifting into a new paradigm, creating an immediate and extraordinary opportunity. During this pivotal point in time, we have the chance to create new structures that operate in a more holistic way, helping heal the planet and all life on it by shifting towards a regenerative culture. Regenerative systems are beyond sustainable, outputting more energy than was originally input to begin with. What this means is that not only do we have an opportunity to not destroy the planet, but we can actually heal the planet simply by changing the way we live on it.

In order to make this shift, groups need to be able to come together to more effectively work toward solutions and create widespread, long-lasting impact. After years of working with humanitarian groups, doing needs assessments and research, we have found that most organizations’ time is not actually spent fulfilling their mission and creating impact. Instead, they spend most of their time raising funds, doing massive amounts of paperwork, and trying to figure out how to operate successfully as a group. This is often because groups don’t have integrated systems to gather and flow resources, train and educate, connect with other teams, or plan and implement their strategies in holistic ways. Communities, businesses, and organizations are all looking for ways to connect on deeper levels and harness their network for greater impact, yet the technology to accomplish that on every level needed within a single connected platform does not currently exist.

“The Future” by Android Jones



Thus, the Universal Mission team is creating advanced tools to help groups connect on much greater levels, flow needed resources, and train and educate quicker and more effectively.

By interweaving extensive directory systems, distributed social connecting platforms, decentralized blockchain-based economic systems, interactive online educational systems, and whole systems community design models, Universal Mission addresses the root issues that previously kept so many groups from creating significant and lasting impact in the world. We have specialists in handling large systems of data that see that a new day is coming as we are creating technology that gives personalized control of data viewing and analyzing to individuals and organizational leaders. These technologies allow for completely decentralized distributed data systems to exist, which could be one of the biggest innovations since the internet itself.

In an effort to be as collaborative as possible (which is a critical piece needed to help solve the problem of siloed networks), these technologies are specifically designed to easily connect with any other pre-existing platforms. This helps empower communities around the globe by connecting people and projects in ways that have never been done before. (These technologies will be discussed in greater detail on our website.)

With these strategic tools in hand, we will be able to empower multiple groups to act as greater whole, coming together to form larger bodies that can accomplish unified missions.  With ever greater levels of impact results, we hope this will catalyze widespread, systemic, positive change.

One of our greatest abilities as a team, is consulting with communities to help them create plans for greater impact. We provide them with the right tools and help them create an onboarding plan that connects their their leaders and members with technology that enhances their abilities to make a difference in the world.

We have cultivated deep trusting relationships with many of these communities already and have been collaborating with them for years.



“Mission Zero”

Research and Development, Team Collaboration tools, Business

planning, Legal consulting

Objective 1- Token System Creation

Community connecting to and with resources in Blockchain Token Systems

Objective 2- Create Integrated TECH Platform

Social Connecting, Academies and badging, Token Systems, all inside a game platform with amazing graphics

Objective 3– Education- Integrated Online Learning Systems



Objective 4- New Business and Economic Ecosystem Tools

Decentralized Mission Based Enterprises and Ecosystem tools

  Objective 5- Whole Systems Community Regenerative Prototype Development

  Objective 6- Event Connection/ Larger Implementation Plan



Long-term Vision

After creating our own blockchain-based token offering that can help fund the development of our full technology suite, these tokens will also be used throughout our technologies to create a sustainable “resource-flow ecosystem” that communities can use to have the thriving, abundant resources needed to accomplish their missions.

Before the technology suite goes public, we plan to test it with several pilot communities that we are already in collaboration with. Then, after the technology suite is finished being developed, data linked, and tested, we will be reaching out to our greater network of media platforms, humanitarian groups, and conscious communities to assist in the on-boarding of millions of users into the system. We are currently collaborating with several major organizations that have the eyes and ears of over 2 billion people around the globe, as well as leaders within the music industry, mass media, and events industry. (More information about these partnerships will be released within the next 6 months.) To see profiles of our core team, affiliated partners, alliances, and advisors, see our website soon.

Ultimately, we envision a thriving network of people and projects that are connected through technologies, social networks, educational systems, economic systems, and land-based regenerative communities around the globe.




Universal Mission is set up as an “ecosystem” of different business structures. Because of this, we are working on receiving and generating funding through multiple avenues. Part of our system is comprised of for-profit entities, who are working with classic investors through more traditional investment models, mostly for our technology investment and revenue plan. Other parts of our system are set up as non-profit branches and are able to receive tax-deductible donations. These are mostly our community regenerative development and connecting branches right now. In addition to these funding structures, we also wanted to use crowdfunding which allows individuals the opportunity to get involved and contribute in whatever way they desire.

In order to accomplish what we’ve outlined so far, we need seed funding to accomplish ‘Mission Zero’.

‘Mission Zero’ covers the basic needs of our core team, business planning and design, legal consulting, travel expenses to meet with key partnerships, branding, and website development. Below is a breakdown of how those funds will be distributed:

  • Continuing team labor costs for next 3 months- through Best of Humanity donations
  • Logo/ Branding/ Website/ Business Cards Creation/ printing- $3,000- through Lightsmith Art and DNA Imagery
  • Attorney fees- $15,000
  • Travel expenses- to get to New York for United Nation presentation on tech and how it can help with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that we have been invited to present in November and to World Economic Forum where we have been invited to speak on community currencies creation and community connecting technologies
  • Global Trust consulting and set up- $2,000-$8,000- for U.N.I. Coins business structure


If you are interested in donating larger chunks of funding to help with our next steps, please contact us directly so we can tell you about awesome investment opportunities, shared ownership, and shared revenue models instead of donation. Thank you!

  • Business consultation fees/ Global trust/ Token distribution pre-release set-up- $15,000-30,000
  • Attorney fees (listed above as well)- $15,000
  • Initial Tech App build- $15,000-60,000


What people get later if they help us now (after Mission Zero is complete)

– first access to the pre-sale of our tokens that we are selling during our private funding round

– the chance to submit proposals of regenerative efforts for project funding after token distribution event

Later… (after achieving funding and building the first design elements into the technology platform)

– the opportunity to be one of the first to use the beta versions of our system,the chance to help co-create with us by submitting a proposal for co-creation, (the first version includes: social network impact game, academy, resource flow engine)


For more information about each of these projects email Universal Mission Team at [email protected] to set up a call and talk with us personally (415) 843-1103


Key partners contributing right now include but are not limited to:

Sunrise Ranch https://sunriseranch.org/

Superluminal Systems http://superluminal.is/

Core Network http://core.network/

Data Connect http://www.dataconnectcorp.com/

Best of Humanity CommUNITY http://bestofhumanity.is/

Lightsmith Art Design Studio http://lightsmithdesign.wixsite.com/lightsmithart

DNA Imagery http://www.dnaimagery.com/