Author: Miranda Clendening

This is The Best of Humanity Now

This is the BEST OF HUMANITY   Our Mission Our Mission is to connect all those on the planet that are doing the Best things for Humanity so they can have a greater impact together. We help communities grow and unite with others by implementing existing technologies that connect and catalyze. We’re designing new technology to help in many, many ways. So far, the work we have done with many large communities has led to huge successes. We know what to put together now for cutting edge technologies that communities and event planners really need and love using. We...

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Best of Humanity helps launch ‘Universal Mission’

Our Story Who We Are: Universal Mission is a working ecosystem of solutionaries, researchers, thought leaders, businesses, organizations, and technologies from around the world that have been aligning over the last 2 years to participate in the creation of a new ‘global operating system’. We’ve spent most of our lives bringing together effective solutions to help humanity, and feel that at this point, rather than creating new organizations to try to help the planet, the world needs groups to join together into ecosystems to effectively create impact. Problem: Right now, our planet is experiencing immense changes. Major economic, political, technological and...

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Spreading Our Wings Denver Conference 2017

Spreading Our Wings Denver Conference – Progressing Towards Light and Life Showcasing good works happening globally throughout businesses, education systems, and the Interfaith Community. Spreading Our Wings Denver Conference will help bring us together with common goals and higher ideals of how to work in more unity and cooperation. Together, we have a larger unified voice and build a stronger community with new commitments to create positive change! We can work together and amplify our voices to carry forward the vision, commitments, and good works inspired by The Parliament of World Religions! Topics Women’s Issues, Interfaith Topics, and Stronger...

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