About Us:

Our Mission is to connect all those on the planet with technology, tools, and resources, that are doing the best things for humanity so they can have a greater impact in our world together.

We help communities grow and unite with others by implementing existing technologies that connect and catalyze. We’re designing new technology to help in many, many ways. So far, the work we have done with many large communities has led to huge successes.

We know what to put together now for cutting edge technologies that communities and event planners really need and love using. We are helping many new large communities and millions of individual members already!


Best of Humanity | Our Mission and Work

Since our mission is to help connect people who are doing the Best for Humanity, we think of society in 12 different areas that we group amazing organizations into. Our goal is that they have more conversations, making more progress by working together.

We showcase the geniuses in each field, and are putting together advisory councils and project teams in each area to make a greater impact in the world.

Best of Humanity’s 12 Areas of Progress

1. Spirituality
2. Relationship Improvement & Community Building (VALUES)
3. Transformational Technologies & Scientific Advancements
4. Sustainability & Economic Security
5. Health & Wellness
6. Education
7. Home and Family Strengthening
8. Wisdom, Philosophy & Ethics
9. Visionary Arts
10. Enlightenment Leisure Activities
11. Care of the Unfortunate
12. Human Rights & Responsibilities


Best of Humanity’s Events

We plan events that bring people together, help educate people on the biggest problems the world is facing, and showcase good works people are doing. We help bring great organizations together to do greater work together. We have an Events production team that also helps facilitate meaningful networking, connecting, inspiring, and engaging before events, during events and afterwards.

Best of Humanity’s Values

We do a lot of work in values-based systems. This includes values-based education systems, corporate business strengthening systems, family strengthening programs, and resources for community building and strengthening.


We have Levels for Corporations and Organizations that rank values-based corporations on their values-based structure – from creation or existence of values-based business to training leaders in org, training all staff, and then seeing actual returns on values-based structuring like increased employee satisfaction, retention, and overall business growth.


We research the phenomenon we observe happening on the planet in the form of “Emergent Spirituality.” This is seen in the last 10 years of discussions, events we have attended, and research projects we follow about where the world is heading spiritually.

We see a huge Spiritual Renaissance happening on the planet and are working to be a cohesive force for those awakening that may find themselves spiritually homeless without their spiritual family.


We plan to open a Best of Humanity Center in the next year that will provide for the 12 areas in a person’s life that take a strong community in order to thrive! This includes

  • Family strengthening support groups, values training to improve relationships
  • Classes on overall well-being in spiritual, mental, and physical realms
  • Inter-spiritual ministry, and Inter-spiritual Worship services
  • Music events
  • Growing our own organic food on site as a CSA farm
  • Philosophical, ethical, and spiritual upliftment discussions to continue to stay dynamic and progressive

We believe the days of being told who you are, what you need to believe, and what you need to stand for are over. The times of open exploration, constantly emerging new ideas of our bright future ahead, and greater and greater levels of cooperation and co-creation and more joyful association are here. Let’s play together and build our new world!